We designed it. You make it your own. Each model in the Rogue Series is numbered 1/999, with custom engraving on the back, making every watch a unique 1/1 piece.
Rellek Hounds provider the highest quality, purposeful, custom watch's at a level of affordability unmatched in the industry. Custom tooling and customized for you means each watch is a true 1-of-1 exclusively made for you. Rellek Hounds is not a blindly profit driven company, we are made up of two founding members with the simple goal of bringing only the most unique, high quality timepieces to life for you to enjoy for years to come. Rellek hounds is also dedicated to 4-legged friends, We have partnered with two animal rescues who will be receiving a portion of our profit margin. As well as limited edition custom watches that can be used in fundraising events. Welcome to the Rellek Hounds family.
Establish Charity Partners
Rellek Hounds as a company is devoted to making a difference for hounds (dogs) in America. We have looked closely into several options and ultimately have decided to donate a portion of all sales to Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM) and Chi-Town Pitties. Below are links for more information and to donate directly to these foundations:
Rogue Series Launch
The Rogue Series in it's most basic form takes the definition of a "rogue" and applies it to a watch. Being lug-less is not the upstanding way to make a watch. To a purist, this watch is against the rules, and therefore has gone "rogue". Designed as a 3 piece collection the rogue series takes aim at the physical interpretations of time passing. Dawn, Dusk and Night, each model has a limited production of 999 watches.
The Future of Rellek Hounds
All of our collections are going to be limited production individually number watches.  Our watch designs will always be exclusive to Rellek Hounds, We will ALWAYS custom tool our own cases, and any other parts necessary to make your watch a true one of a kind, that is our guarantee to you. As our brand grows and expands some designs will be more exclusive than others. The reason our collections are so exclusive is because our watches are not your off-the-shelf watches, each one is custom-made specifically for you! And some will be used for large scale fundraising events. In the next few years our goal is to be competing with the best watch brands in the world, bringing our core principles with us every step of the way.